Pecan Ridge ships deliciously-grown pecans right to your doorstep.

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Fresh US-Grown Pecans

We have 45 Pawnee pecan trees and over 4000 square feet of shelling, packaging, and storefront. We welcome guests to a short tour of our facility. So come visit us soon!


If you are looking for the perfect fundraiser, then you have come to the right place. Our pecans make it easy for your group to make money.

Pecans either cracked, shelled, or candied are a great fundraising effort for any organization.

Have your fundraiser director call us at 806-794-2022, or email us at dmoore@pecanridge.com for a price list and all needed information for a successful fundraising event.


We offer a number of shelling services to suit your individual needs. We have many shelled pecans to choose from, or we can shell any pecans you have picked from your own trees.

Pecans are weighed and then processed through a cracking machine. After cracking, pecans are processed through an air cleaner to remove as much shell and unwanted debris as possible. Processed pecans are then packaged in poly bags.

Have you ever wanted to know what makes the Texas Pecan better? How many pounds are produced each year? What is the nutritional value of a pecan? We have all of that information and more than you ever imagined!


Pecans are a source of high-quality nutrients and are proven to lower cholesterol levels, according to a study published by the Noble Research Institute. Pecans are also proven to decrease degeneration in neurons, which is associated with aging.