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Strengthen, lengthen, and tone your body with Reformer Pilates classes at the best Miami Pilates studios.

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Physical Therapy

Safely and effectively recover from injury with Physical Therapy services offered by one of our experienced licensed Physical Therapists.

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Barre Classes

Our Barre-Set-Go classes combine ballet, modern, Pilates, cardio and coordination exercises in Barre to produce a sleek, sculpted body.

The Requisite Of Happiness

Get to know more about Pilates In The Grove and why we believe that physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness.

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Work Out Smarter, Not Harder

Our mission at Pilates in the Grove is to create a supportive community for our customers that inspires them on a pain-free journey to improved health and wellness.

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What Our Clients Say

I have practiced yoga for a few yrs & had heard about Pilates in the Grove–so I stopped by & with a 2 for one offer on classes I thought Why Not? Best decision I made. Overall “primo”small classes. Highly trained instructors that are very engaging with compassion & empathy. I am attending regularly now and can see and feel a difference.

Jasper H.

Been doing Pilates for a long time and this is far the best studio I've experienced..all the instructors are top notch--most are physical therapists; they don't just watch you and shout orders but correct positioning-- with a great, upbeat attitude. Highly recommend.

Nancy S.

Great pilates session, outstanding professional and personalized instruction at a clean, well equipped and well appointed studio. The staff and instructors are friendly and very knowledgeable in delivering first class wellness instruction!

Bonita Travis

Pilates in the Grove was a great wellness experience and a challenging yet pleasant fitness workout. I highly recommend these classes to anyone seeking body movement exercise or therapy. The entire staff is knowledgeable, professional, and friendly --- and the studio is bright, well appointed and equipped with the best in pilates machines. They rate an A++ in my book!!!

Arnie C.

Pilates In The Grove is awesome! They care about their clients and will bend over backwards to help you with back treatment and therapy. They also offer an incredible array of Pilates classes with expert instructors.

Estrella T.D.

Pilates in the Grove is an exceptional Pilates Studio. At bit locations in Coconut Grove and South Miami, The environment is welcoming and the instructors are true professionals who are very knowledgeable. I have practiced Pilates there for years through pregnancies and everything and highly highly recommend it!!

Heather Stenstrom

I was referred for a medical condition. Professional and focused. Outstanding results. And, after relief, I stayed!

Joseph F.

Love this place! I have been taking classes at Pilates in the Grove for several years. They were initially in Coconut Grove, but now they have an additional location in South Miami. I have taken classes at both locations. The instructors are welcoming, friendly, and informed. They get to know their clients and are great about changing up the workouts to keep things fun and challenging so you are motivated. They also worked with me during my pregnancies and I took both group prenatal classes and private. You can book classes online or call (and I think you can even text now) so they make it easy to schedule. I keep going back and recommend to all my friends.

Amy B.

The people and the classes are great! Never the same routine twice. Always challenging and interesting. I highly recommend them. I've done PT and taken classes with several instructors and therapists and I have always had a great experience. The effort and energy they put into making each session exciting is obvious and appreciated.

Sue R.

Professional, peaceful, generous and patient with beginners.

Marya Meyer

Excellent professional training!!! Great staff in a very friendly atmosphere. Absolutely recommendable. Awesome place at SOMI.

Cristina Molinari

I just got into this 5 months ago and I am hooked best work out ever. I am so grateful to my Pilates instructor Genine she was patient and helpful and is the best instructor. I see amazing results. Thanks girl! You are the best. Thanks for taking me to Pilates In The Grove. I love the atmosphere and very clean place. Everyone is so nice.

Darnie L.

I've tried quite a few Pilates studios in Miami and this is my favorite! Really clean, the people are always friendly and the instructor is really good about giving everyone individual attention and correcting posture.

Veronica Tavares